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View Batch Results

Once your batch is 100% complete, you can download your report as a CSV file, or view an abbreviated report in eComSpy. For an explanation of each field in the report, see Definitions.

Download Reports to Excel

  1. From the eComSpy Dashboard, click “Download Report” next to any batch that is marked as 100% in the Progress column.
  2. Follow the prompts in Excel.
  3. The report can also be downloaded from the Batch Details page (see View Reports Online, below).

View Reports Online

  1. From the eComSpy Dashboard, click on the batch name of any batch that is marked as 100% complete in the Progress column. The Batch Detail page will open.
  2. Use the page navigation at the bottom of the grid to view all items in the report.
  3. You can also download the report from the Batch Detail page, using the button at the top right corner. The download report contains many more fields than the online view.


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